Increase the productivity and income of small scale farmers and fishermen in the state through effective extension service delivery packages such as dissemination of technical messages on improved farming techniques, lineage to improved inputs/ market source, as well as, liaison with research institution on farmers’ problems and ensure food security.

In pursuance of its main objectives of increasing farmer’s productivity, the Authority carried out the following functions and responsibilities

  • Improve the welfare and standard of living of rural populace.
  • Development agriculture by dissemination of information to farmers and fisher-folk regarding improve fishing and farm management methods and practice.
  • Link farmer sources of Agricultural inputs and credit in order to promote adoption of extension services.
  • Develop all categories livestock as may be found suitable to the climatic condition of the state.
  • All such other things which at improving are geared welfare and living standards of the rural population.
  • Increase the productivity and income of small scale farmers and ensure food security in the State.
  • Linking farmers/Fishermen with research through visit to researchers to production site.
  • Demonstration on improved production technologies on farmers farms using the small plot adoption Technique (SPAT)